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An out of the box creative coupled a fierce drive, work ethic and unique ability to pull at your heart, Nashville based singer-songwriter Kim Brogli is making her mark among Nashville songwriters.  The middle Tennessee native was always a writer and storyteller at heart.  She recalls with laughter being the ADHD kid who was constantly in trouble at school, making the other kids laugh with her outrageous humor and telling stories that kept kids laughing or in suspense til the end.  In her high school yearbook, she recalls being voted Wittiest, with the caption under her picture reading, “Kim can often be seen in the hallways telling stories or singing songs that are well…a little hard to believe.”   Growing up, her mom sang in the church choir and she had the voice of an angel according to Kim.  “She had this angelic, soprano voice that could give the whole church goosebumps,” Kim recalls with warm admiration.  Kim’s oldest sister, Kellie, also with a beautiful voice, got a guitar and started singing on a tape recorder, with songs like “Danny’s Song” by Kenny Loggins.  Kim remembers learning to love music then and always had a passion for lyrics.  She began writing poetry and fiction at an early age and loved creating stories even then that touched the heart. In the forth grade, Kim tried out for the school choir and didn’t make it.  “I was a sensitive kid and have always been harder on myself than anyone else could ever be.  So when I didn’t make the choir, I never sang again publicly.  I just thought…I must be a terrible singer.  It never dawned on me I was nervous and shy."   That didn’t stop her from writing though.  She went on to graduate from The University of Alabama with a degree in French and International Business.  Although she was often the life of the party, her college friends, whom she stays in touch with regularly, laugh now and remember being out late at night and loosing Kim…only to find her writing poetry in the back of the bar. “The moment hit her again”, they would joke.   Her love of writing led her to write books, some fiction and some non-fiction although she never published any of them.  “I just knew I loved to write and inspire.  I’ve always journaled.  My entire life can be found in journals.  Writing, to me, is how I process life.” She moved back to the Nashville area and after 6 successful years selling pharmaceuticals, she moved on to a prosperous career selling real estate, even starting her own firm with her middle sister.  “I remember vividly, I was making a lot of money but I wasn’t happy.  I felt like I was not being true to myself.  Then one day, my boys asked me if real estate was my dream.  I paused and thought…how can I encourage my kids to follow their dreams when I’m not living my own.”  At the time, however, she didn’t know music was her dream.  In fact, it wasn’t until a year later, she bought her twin boys guitars for their birthday and took them to get a lesson that she decided to pick up their guitar the next day.  And when that happened, it all clicked.  She could not stop playing.  The sheer joy of being able to play songs she loved brought her an unimaginable passion for life.  She began taking voice lessons shortly thereafter, unbeknownst to anyone including her husband of 20 years, and that led to putting her words on paper into song.  The rest is history.  “Music is the first thing in my life I truly feel I’m doing because I love it so much, I can’t stop doing it!  My heart and soul align when I’m playing like nothing else ever has before. I am actually enjoying the journey more than the outcome. I’ve never been able to say that.” After recording a few singles, acclaimed producer, Will Gawley, found Kim on Instagram and said her soulful voice was reflective of those ‘70s songwriters.  He called her into the studio to hear what original songs she was working on and they decided to record her debut EP, which includes four original songs she wrote or co-wrote with hit songwriter, James Dean Hicks, and one cover.  In it, she touches on subjects like faith, love, life lessons, self doubt, parenting and many other feelings she has processed on paper.  She began working with Charlotte Avenue Entertainment and is slowly finding an audience in the Americana market.  Her songs have the ability to bring tears and make you reflect upon the deeper meaning of life in a sweet, understated way.  The depth of her lyrics combined with the genuineness of her vocals is like hot cocoa and the smell of fire on a cold day.  Her voice has the ability to simply draw you in.   Kim’s drive and work ethic continue to push her to learn and grow as a writer, singer and musician every day.  Her motto is “never stop learning and growing”.   But she is also no stranger to juggling family life and work and knows family always comes first.  Kim states without hesitation her battle with a congenital heart condition known as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy has been the biggest blessing, not curse, in her life.  It has given her eternal perspective to always consider what is most important which to her is faith, family and friends.  She enjoys involving her kids and husband in her music where she can, which is why you will see them in her music video for What A Waste.  Much of her journals reflect things she felt after life altering experience with her heart but also, with the sudden loss of her brother in a drowning accident years ago.  "Loosing someone that close to you makes you realize how vulnerable we are as humans but also how resilient we are.  I find the more honest I am about pain, love, loss and heartache, things I aspire to be and do…the more people connect with that.  Being vulnerable enough to go deep and find the story…That’s pretty much it.  And being open enough to listen to what God might want to say through that.  Because we all have a story.  That’s what connects us.  And it’s beautiful.”

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Kim Brogli


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